Review of the Tantus Silicon

I’ll ask again, how much do I Love love LOVE Tantus Silicon?? They put out such a fantastic line of products. I have a few of them. Purr and Goliath are fantastic. You know how much I love Goliath (aka My boyfriend) I like to push it as deep as it will go while I have a vibe on my clit. A few pushes on the dildo and I’m over the edge, cumming so hard it makes my thighs ache. Goliath has the ability to just fill me in a way that is unreal.

My two newest Tantus Silicon toys are Ace and Sire. I have used the Ace a few times, it’s a sweet little ass plug that I think would be great if I was sitting on it. Like perhaps if I was forced to wear it while I was trying to do something else. Or if someone was using it on me. The material is their fantastic phthalate-free silicon that is firm and flexible. What I didn’t like was the thin part in between the base and the bulb. It would slide and make me feel that it was going to come out. It didn’t, but it made me think it might and that was a distraction. Luckily Tantus, as well as Vibe Review have a good line of plugs that don’t do this.  The Ryder looks nice, eh?

The other toy is the Sire. Oh, it’s just so pretty. It’s a phallic shaped dildo that comes in a few different colors. I used this along side my massager after my vacation. I needed to get off hard to the feel of cock. This slick smooth one did it for me just right. The head is big and pronounced enough to feel it. It’s 5 inches around (yummy). The specs say that it’s 7 inches total, with 6.25 insertable inches. Where’s the other 3/4 inch?? The base is not 3/4 inch thick- I don’t think. Well, when you are fucking yourself with 6+ inches of strong thick silicon cock, 3/4 of an inch is not a big deal.

It’s hard to beat to the Goliath, but really they are very different. In my opinion, Goliath does not FEEL like a real cock. It’s very rigid and not flexible. I fucking love it, but it doesn’t feel like the real thing. I am not able, to really thrust a lot with Goliath. It doesn’t give, it doesn’t bend- it just “invades and conquers” Sire is more flexible and fuckable, and the base makes it easy to hold and maneuver.

Sire is an every day use dildo, I think, whereas Goliath is more of a Friday/ Saturday Night Fuck. And the Purr- well that is a different kind of part all together,

Sire, Goliath and Purr.


Find it and more like it at Vibereview.

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