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How can you make a woman cum?

A reader asks:

I’m working with 7 1/2 inch cock, is that good?  Also, I like to make the girl cum by rubbing her clit first before I actually penetrate.  Should I not do that or keep doing it? – Male, Age 19

My answer:

In regards to size, 7 1/2 inches is considered above average.  Look HERE.  It’s about more than length, but girth- and how you use it makes a big difference.  Don’t be discouraged if the width is not where you want it to be either.  That may or may not change as you get a little older and you can make up for lack of girth in stamina and technique.

Making a girl cum via clitoral stimulation is not only thoughtful, but sometimes par for the course, depending on the girl.  I’m not a doctor or an expert, but I know what works for me and I think many women would agree at least with my thought process on this, even if it is not the same for them.

I like to ‘consider’ the G-spot as the ‘back side’ of the clitoris, even though it really isn’t since the urethra runs in between and is why g-spot stimulation tends to make a woman feel like she has to pee.


That being said, for me, clitoral stimulation and orgasm will cause the whole area to swell: the labia and the inner walls of the vagina as well as the g-spot.  So once this is done, penetration will cause me to orgasm again, almost immediately although that may not be the case for other women.  Many females, and I suspect women closer to your age may not know how to find their g-spot- or may not orgasm with penetration.  I personally think it’s something that takes a bit of training and physical maturity.  So I think it’s thoughtful for you to make sure that she has an orgasm first.  I can’t think of a woman in the world who would disagree with that.  It might even be nice for you to ASK is she can have an orgasm via penetration.  If not, then there’s your game plan.

Thanks for writing.  I think it’s good to ask questions.  Being a good lover is important and that means paying attention to what your partner is in to- as well as what feels good for you.  Even if it’s a casual encounter, you will get more out of it (no pun intended) if you plan to experience it- and not just ‘thrust at will’

Got a question- email me.

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