My definitive list of good vibrators

I have been using it so damn much, I forgot to write the review.  I was so excited to see this on the list of toys I could review for Babeland.  While I had vibes similar, I did not have the coveted Hitachi.  Well let me tell you, things certainly do change.

If you have never used a Hitachi or something like it before- well I definitely think you’ve missed out on some preteen experiences.  I think the very first time I masturbated it was with something similar to this.  The down side: it’s loud and it also messes up the reception on the TV.

It’s hard to list the things I love about it- but I can think of five.

That is the amount of orgasms this thing gave me on the first full day I had it.  Each time, it came harder and faster than the time before- and you don’t even have to remove your clothes!!  Actually I think that direct contact is almost too much for me.  Having even a small cloth divider like panties helps.  By the time I got to #3 I realized that I didn’t even need to remove my pants and I was able to sneak into my bathroom and get myself off and then just go back out to the family, feeling much better than how I left them.


I have a theory about the Hitachi.  I’m sure it’s not a new theory either, but it just occurred to me.  Dan Savage from once said “Men get horny and have sex, women have sex and get horny.”  The idea is, if want to increase your sex drive, start jerking of more.  Makes perfect sense to me, although I rarely have a problem with it.  I have realizes with the Hitachi a few things.  One, I am horny around the clock.  Not that it ever takes much anyway, however- but you know what I’m sayin.  Secondly, I am much more easily orgasmic in general.  I think that the power of the Hitachi, the even vibrations and the surface area it covers just increases blood flow to the area in general- making for a more and more orgasms, without even removing the pesky clothes.

At the end of the day I was alone and was able to enjoy the magic that came along with the shipment.  The G-Whiz attachment.  I have seen these things before and I just didn’t understand how it worked.  I slipped the pocket over the vibration head and figured out how to use it.  There is even a little nub for your clit.  So imagine 5000 RPMS on your clit AND your g-spot.  I didn’t find it gentle.  On no.  The vibrations were so stong and fast it felt like my g-spot was being pressed and scratched and pushed.  It almost hurt, until it started to melt and then feel that delicious burn that brings me over the edge.  My voice was shaking and I hiss out the name of someone who most recently made me cum in the same surprising way- minus the RPM’s.

I came hard, thrashing, thusting, shaking.

Holy crap.

Now I just need to find the power adapter for the car.

Find it and others here.


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