Slut life

Nipple clamps – how are they?

More photography awesomeness.  The more I look at these picture, the more I am amazed by them.  The less I see the stretchmarks and (at least) 5 year old baby weight.

One of my friends the other day, after asking me about the photoshoot asked to see the pictures.  I showed them to her and her response was, “You know- I just don’t know how people think it’s attractive when you’re overweight like that.  I just don’t like it at all.  Not on you, or me, and anyone really.”


The thing is- if you like me, or you like bigger girls in general (and god bless the guys who like to bang the big girls) when I get undressed, you have to expect to see a big girl.  I like big guys, when big guys get naked, I expect to see a big guy. Of course I would like to lose some weight and be healthier but I am not lying to myself about it.  And really, what a total cunt thing to say huh??

I mean really… regardless of what the pictures show.  I have never, ever EVER felt more sexy in my entire life than when I took these photos.


If you are wondering, they are vintage clothespins!


(used with permission from

I am hard enough on myself, I don’t need to carry the weight of someone else’s body issues.

Happy Half Nekkid Thursday everyone.  I fucking love you guys for loving me so much!!

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