Slut life

How a quickie should be arranged

I like meeting Jack for these impromptu unexpected romps.  We meet in a nice dark corner and kiss and make out.  I haven’t fucked him yet, probably because I am so insistent on sucking his cock and draining him.  There has yet to be enough time for him to get going again.  Usually these are fast and rushed trysts when there are people waiting for us outside the corners.  That is what makes it exciting for me.  I remember when Z and I would have just enough time to meet, barely undress and fuck- only to be jumping back into the car before we had time to wipe the sweat off our brow.  I really love it when it’s like that.

I like kissing him- he has a nice sweeping tongue, but he doesn’t try to overpower me.  Strong lips and really just a very big manly build.  He’s about a foot taller than me and big in the way that I love big men.  Wide shoulders and strong forearms and a thick neck.  When he lays on me, his body covers me and I like feeling that.  For all of his masculine features, he is not dominant, per se.  Playing like that is not his kink, but he seems to like my submissive ways- although he doesn’t know the half of it yet.


He reached into my panties and played with my pussy for quite some time.  Usually I prefer digital penetration, or of course tongue, as fingers one my clit tends to be a bit rough.  I think it’s the hitachi that is making me easily orgasmic lately.  That and the fact that he was kissing me, and moaning into my mouth while I sort of thrashed against his fingers- wishing he would push them deep inside me so I could cum all over them, but instead he kept a slow steady rhythm, circling the outer edges of my clit again and again until it burned and melted within me.  I came slow, letting him kiss me harder while I did.  His breath got shallow and rough as I came into his mouth- trying to stay somewhat quiet for fear of echoing our dark corner.

This would have been a perfect opportunity to climb on his cock and fuck him just the way I wanted to.  However as soon as I got my hands on his cock I had to put it in my mouth.  Slowly I adored it, sucking and feeling it get even harder in my mouth.  His hands rested gently on my head and when I told him he could grab me if he wanted he simply whispered, “I really like what you are doing right now.”  I gently sucked his cock- feeling him fill my  lips and enjoying the fullness of him against the back on my throat.  I thought to myself that I would love to finally slide on his cock and how the sensation of his thick fat cock stretching me would… well, actually I am thinking that NOW- I don’t know that I was thinking it then.  At the time, I just wanted to worship his cock and feel him for as long as I could.


I grabbed and massaged his balls, stroking and sucking his cock slow and wet.  Teasing and playing.  Licking and sucking every wide inch of him.  I moaned my own pleasure, feeling playful and sexy.  His hands caressed my shoulders while his breathing got a little faster.  They ran up my neck until he finally grabbed the back of my head, wrapping my hair into fists and pushing me, finally down, hard on his cock.  Again and again.  Sinking deep into my mouth until he drove one last time hard- pushing my mouth and holding me there- shoving my face into his cock he make deep thrusts and shot his hot cum into my mouth.  Unable to swallow I waited until he released my head and then slurped up his cum.  Continuing to gently mouth his shaft- letting him lavish in the sensation until it got too much and I released him.

I laid back and he rested his head under my arm.  We talked a little more.  I always enjoy this part.  The human part.   I said to him, almost shyly “You seem like a nice guy.  I mean- we can be, you know , friends- right?”

He gave me kind of a blank stare.

“You know- now that we are at this level, I hope we can still get to know each other past ‘I know that you aren’t going to hack me into little pieces,’” I giggled, “It seems like sometimes the talking stops there.  I was just wondering if we could still talk.”

“You mean, like we’ve been doing?” he smirked at me, “Like we are doing now?”

I laughed and leaned in towards him, kissing his warm lips again, feeling his body against mine.  Enjoying the intimate touch of another human, “I guess so. Yeah- that’s ok right?”

“Yes,” kissing me  and then laying back again, “I can get used to this.”

So you know… yeah.  😉


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