Slut life

How men should take their wives or girlfriends

Slowly removing your belt.

Wondering what it would feel like tied around my wrists, my neck,

Hard across my ass

Pulling your pants open. Button, zipper. Like opening a present. Looking up at you, adoringly. My eyes warm and dark. Biting my lower lip. Waiting for you approval before I proceed. You smile at me, but your eyes are dark. Intent. Your lips pursed and moist. Your hand cradles the back of my head, lovingly. Your lips mouth the words, “that’s a good girl.” Your run your fingers across my cheeks, I turn to kiss your fingertips. loyal.

One finger pushes into my mouth and I take it in, sucking it while my hands travel up your thighs to pull your pants open. You watch my mouth, pushing in a second finger. I suck on them, my eyes staring hard into yours- never looking away. I see your eyes flinch, just barely as my hand grazes over your already hard cock straining in your jeans as you watch me sucking on your fingers.

Moaning and wanting more, I can already feel the wetness seeping from my pussy onto my white cotton panties. You pull your fingers and entwine them into my hair. Pulling your jeans and boxers over your hips- your cock frees and juts towards me. Leaning forward, I move under you and run my tongue from the base of your cock, upwards- pushing your cock against your stomach- licking you to the top before opening my mouth and pushing you inbetween my lips- slowly, so slowly moving down, taking you in my mouth. Slow, tight and wet.

My mouth engulfing your cock, taking you all the way down to the base- feeling your cock pressing against the back of my throat. My eyes water, but I swallow, keeping you there. Knowing you want to feel it deep. I hold my breath and hold you in until I need to pull back quickly- gasping for breathe, but quickly I suck you down again, moaning. My eyes are wild now. I have had a taste, and now I’m hungry.

You hands still in my hair, and I listen for the sounds of you groaning, talking to me. “that’s it baby. Take it. Take it all. Suck this big cock.” I am encouraged and turned on by your words. I grab your cock hard and suck it. Up. Down. Fast. Wet. Slurping and dirty. My spit running down my chin. The smell of your skin, the feel of flesh in my mouth. I want more. More. My hands jerking you at the base. My mouth, assaulting your cock. I can’t get enough. So hot, so hungry. Looking up at you, your cock stuffed into my slutty hungry mouth. God please, more.

Faster I work your cock, moaning and sucking hard. Your hands are pulling my head back by the hair, thrusting at me, fucking my mouth. Taking my breath. Pushing hard to the back of my throat, watching my eyes close and take you in. It’s crude and violent, and completely decadent. You know by my hungry moans that I am lost in your fuck. Your ragdoll, your whore.

I am pure pleasure and yours for the taking.

Your cock is throbbing and tight in my mouth. I can feel you close, the cum surging through your cock. Wait. Pulling back, softening my mouth- I hold you on the edge. Slowing you down. Making you want. Slowing you down. You groan, but are content with my attention. Pushing you back on the bed, my hands gently stroke your cock. Moving lower, I rest my tongue against your balls. Licking and sucking them, gently tugging at them. Adoring you. I hear you, your voice, loving the attention, loving this feeling. Moving my hand away from your cock, for just a moment, I place my hands at the inside of your thighs and push your legs open, wide for me. You know it’s too late, I’ve got too far, and I’m much too hungry for you to even consider stopping me.

Moving lower, my tongue sweeps just outside of your ass. I feel your body jerk from the sensation- to which I lean in to you. Pressing my tongue against you, pressing and then dragging my tongue over you. Your voice shivers, and your body relaxes. My hands pushing your legs up and you hold on to them, keeping your legs open for me, grabbing on to my fingers at your thighs. Connecting with me. Needing that reassurance. Yes baby- it’s ok. It’s soo good. Let me have you. My tongue licks and drags over your ass again and again. I hear your breathing, shallow. Rough. My tongue continuing to lick your ass, like a cunt. tight and sensitive. Mmm, feel that baby.

Pulling my hand from yours and grabbing on to your cock. It’s so hard. Throbbing and red. The tip is wet from your precum that is dripping from my licking on your ass. Smoothing it over your cock and rubbing the head slowly, while continuing to lick you. A guttural groan comes from your lips, begging me- it’s thick and heavy and I feel your wanting in my spine. Moving away from your ass, I pull your cock back down to my mouth and taste your cock again. Sticky and salty from your precum. It tastes so good and you cock is so big and thick. I need to fuck you now.

I’m aching to feel you inside me, but I don’t want to stop. My body aches to be filled, but the Beast wants what she wants. Gripping your cock with both hands, spitting on it, for lubricant. I am looking up at you, resting on your elbows watching me. I am sitting between your legs, still open wide for me. Your face is flushed and your breathing is fast and almost labored. Your eyes are as wild as mine and I know your mind is battling between letting me continue and throwing me down to fuck me wildly. Our breathing in time, and I stare deep into those eyes… you see through me, deep into the oceans of my desires, you know me. you feel me and you know what I want to hear.

“Say it” I taunt you, “Tell me what I am. And I will give you what you want.”

Never leaving my stare, you speak, “Eat my fucking cum… you goddamn fucking whore!”

Wrapping my mouth down on you and jerking you hard. Shoot your cum into my mouth. Make me taste you. Loving your fucking cock, your greedy, hungry whore.
Cum for me right now.
Right now.

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