Slut life

How to make your woman addicted to you

Sean is distant lately. He’s unavailable and almost vacant. It’s strange and empty and disheartening because he fills a space for me. He filled a space that was left untouched in me for so long and his presence filled me and made me want… more. We each have lives that are so different, and really there is no place in my life for him, and I know its the same.

However, I ache for the phone calls. To hear his dirty words whispering in my ear, telling me, forcing me to cum hard for him. He has imprinted on my skin, the rattle in his breath and the desperate groans. The way he would demand that I sneak off and cum for him, sometimes so he could hear me. I always obeyed, it was as if he could reach through the phone and lead me there.

His sexual hold on me has become an emotional need, and I can’t help but cry like a child when he offers me brief moments of his attention.  He sets me right on the edge of adoration and indifference and makes me decide if I want more. He doesn’t come to me- but he knows I will come to him. Again and again.   He pushes my buttons and challenges the essence of what I believe about myself.  It is dysfunctional and desperate, but he has proven, yes, physically PROVEN that his fuck rocks me to my very core- even though I wish it hadn’t. His hands on me. The way he kissed me, with so much passion that it made my knees weak- and that is exactly what he wanted. Ownership. Loyalty.

It’s the way he guided me into the room, closed the door and then grabbed me.  Kissing me, holding my face and growling into my mouth.  We tumbled to the bed and fell into each other.  I quickly climbed on him fully clothed, straddling him and feeling his cock through his jeans already hard and demanding.

“Take my cock in your mouth,” he ordered me.  I immediately moved to the floor and opened his pants.  Pulling his jeans over his hips I slurped his cock into my mouth like a crazed slut.  Sucking him down- moaning and worshipping him while I moved his pants down his legs and off of him.  I knew each curve of him.  I knew where to lick, how hard to suck, where to squeeze, exactly how much pressure.

“Ohhh God, slut,” he groaned at me, “Look at me.”  I looked up at him, licking his pressure points and sliding him into my hungry mouth staring up at him, waiting for his approval, “God you are so good.  So beautiful.”

My eyes almost welled up with tears, and he repeated words never heard before, “You are so beautiful, little girl.”   His hand sweeped across my cheek, “Suck Daddy’s cock hard.”

I wrapped my hands around his ass and pushed him into my throat.  Deep, father, again and again.  Letting him hit my throat, pushing it in until I coughed, eyes watering and gasping for air.  ”Not yet slut,” he ordered me, grabbing me by my hair and pulling me up to him.  He pulled down my skirt and panties and moved me over his cock.  I sunk down on him hard, feeling him, finally.  Hard and thick, his cock pressing my g-spot and while I rocked on top of him.  Calling his name, begging him not to stop.

“Oh fuck,” he moaned, watching me writhe, “Tell me you love my cock, whore.  Look at me and say it.”

My eyes burned into his.  I could still not believe he was here.  I was so hot for him, so much build up and anticipation my skin tingled just meeting him on the street.  After all this time, and days filled with uncertainty he was in front of me, below me, inside me, “Daddy you know I love your cock.  Please can I cum?  Oh God I can’t hold it.”

He grabbed my hair and pulled me down to his face- hissing and growling into my mouth, “As long as you clean my cock when you are done you greedy slut.  Cum for me whore.  That’s it baby.  You’re so fucking tight.  Cum on this cock.  Fuck it.  Oh god you are so fucking tight and wet baby.  Let me hear you cum for me.  Loud.  Scream for me you fucking bitch.”

My body exploded and I cried out his name.  My hips shaking, and thrusting harder and faster.  Pushing my tits into his face for him to suck and bite.  He bit down hard on me while my cunt pulsed around him.  He flipped me over so he was on top of me and climbed up over me.  His cunt soaked cock pushing back into my mouth.  I sucked him clean- tasting my cum from his cock.  Drinking his sweet drips of precum.  He rode my face, fucking my mouth, forcing his cock deep into my throat, “Rub your clit for me.”

Bratty, I said, “I’ve been waiting months for you- you rub my clit.”

He looked down at me, “Oh really?”  he moved down on me and pushed my legs open.  His mouth dove into my pussy and his tongue clicked hard and with perfect accuracy at my clit.  The exact spot, on the right where it is most sensitive.  Dragged his tongue across it while he pushed two hard fingers inside me.  Pushing hard, not rubbing, pushing, invading, grinding.  He looked up at me… “right there huh slut?  I know you.  I fucking know this pussy.”

His mouth went back to my clit and he licked right at the sweet spot while sinking his fingers into my gspot.  Too hard.  It was too much.  It was hurting.  burning… melting.  Oh fuuuck.  I could feel my sex swelling around him.  That delicious burning that was melting and oozing like lava through my body.  I grabbed his neck, holding his head down in my cunt.  Cumming, hard.  Harder.  I cried out again, “oh please don’t stop.  Oh god yes.  Fuck yes…  Yes.  Ohhhhh Seaannn…..”  my voice trailed off long and desperate until my body twitched and convulsed.  He gave me moments to breathe and then once again, “Again for me.  Be a good girl for me.  Cum now for me… I feel you cumming you dirty slut.  Be daddy’s girl.  Prove it baby.  Prove to me what a good girl you are.  ohhh that’s right baby…..”

I came hard and violent.  I could hear my pussy, sloshing, wet, messy.  ”Oh fuck me baby.  Fuck me now!” I cried out, begging him like a whore.

He got behind me, spreading my ass cheeks and then slapping me hard.  ”I love this fucking ass,” he growled at me, “and your fucking pussy is so fucking tight.”  He sunk his cock into me again.  Slamming hard against my ass, slapping my thigh with every few thrusts.  Cursing at me, “Fucking whore.  Dirty slut.  Nasty Bitch.”  To each I replied, “Yes sir.”

I could not stop myself from cumming again, I pushed back against his cock, fucking him harder and cumming once more.  Thanking him, over and over.  He grabbed me by my hair again, “On your knees.”  He pulled me down to the floor- at his feet.  ”Open your mouth,” he said grabbing his cock and pushing it back into my mouth.  I sucked him again, a woman possessed- salacious and drunk off of his fuck.

His hand on the back of my head, his fist wrapped in my hair, “Tell me where you want this cum slut.  Tell me now.”  He pulled my head back so I could speak.

“Please.  Cum on my face.  Oh god please.  Make me dirty.  Make me yours.”  He pushed his cock back down my throat again, forcing it deep in and then pulling it out of my mouth.  ”That’s a good girl.  You are so good to me baby girl.  So fucking good.  I want to give you all my cum, you slut.  That’s it, baby.  Suck hard.  Take it all… Oh fuck take it all.”

He pulled out and jerked into my face and mouth.  I felt him, tasted him.  Adored him.  I let him cum on me, shower my whorish mouth and paint my face with his cum.  The way I knew he wanted to.  He made me dirty, and makes me beautiful.


It’s all the same with him.

I would love him if he would allow it.  Instead I wait impatiently for my next fix.

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