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I hate being outfucked

Remember The Milf Blog?? Well it’s not there anymore- but for you very loyal readers who have been around for a while (and I fucking love you for it) over on the Milfblog is where I started Suck it or Fuck it. Wasn’t that fun huh??

Well when I first began it, I came across Craiglist personals, which I really never knew were there before and I quickly realized that lots of men post pictures of their cocks. SCORE. So I happened across one pic that made my mouth water and I emailed Tom, really just to ask if I could use the picture on my blog for Suck it or Fuck it. We chit chatted a little bit but we were both very busy. Over the past year we have chatted on and off- both friendly and dirty but never managed to get together.

Well, times have changed my little sluts- and so have I.

Before I left for vacation he messaged me and while I was too busy that night, I told him that it was high time we get together. It’s been over a fucking year. Surely two horny people who live within 15 miles of each other can get together for some good fucking right??

Well, yes- very much so.


Yeah- this was the picture that got me to email him.  Lovely huh??

Now I’ve seen about 5 or six pictures of Tom over the year and in each of them, he looks a little different. One with a hat, one with glasses, with facial hair/ without it. And some with his dick in his hand- so you know, who looks at a face then right?? So really, not a CLUE what this guy REALLY looks like because I’ve never seen him up close and he looks a little different in each one. I probably would not recognize him if he showed up at my house to fix my faucet. The fact that I pulled up to his place at 10PM, and it was dark, didn’t help matters either.

So we go to his cute little studio and he offers me a beer, but I opt for water instead. I sit down on the bed, because it’s a studio and it’s right there. “So we finally meet?” he says.
And that was really all that needed to be said.

If I knew I could have been fucking THIS guy all year, I surely would have been. He started on my pussy, which you know- is nice. I think I let him go there first, because I have found that if I start with the blowjob, sex comes afterwards and I tend to not get my cunt played with. Often that is ok with me, but you know- I was feeling greedy tonight. First on my clit, he teased and licked it. Pushing fingers into my cunt and my ass. Good lord it was good. I am usually pretty impatient with oral sex for me. If it’s not good in the first minute, it’s not usually going to get better. This was good though- perhaps not enough to get me there but good.

I turned on him and grabbed his cock and shoved it into my mouth. I love new cock. It’s like trying a new flavor of ice cream, always delightful with it’s new taste and texture. Even with his cock in my mouth, he still went back and got me in a sideways 69 position and was back with his face in my pussy. I love a man with conviction. I concentrated on his cock because I wasn’t sure I was going to get there- I almost never do the first time… but then suddenly..- he managed to hit something. The right spot. His fingers inside me- and his tongue lashing pretty directly in the right spot. I gasped out loud and grabbed him by the hair. Holding him, pushing him, fucking his tongue and calling out to him. Oh fuck, oh God I’m gonna cum. Don’tstop-don’tstop-don’tfuckingstop.

And I came hard, violent almost- gripping his head in that “if you stop I will fucking KILL YOU” fashion. Clitoral orgasm, delivered my mouth, always make me cum harder than anything else. Especially with a cock in my mouth. I practically swallowed his cock while I was cumming and his cock got even harder in my mouth as I came into his.

I climbed on top him and sunk down on him. Fuuuck. My pussy felt so tight and his cock was so big and hard- I came again. And again. That is the one really great thing about me having a clitoral orgasm from the start. I can cum over and over and just lose count of it.

We fucked for what seemed like forever. Him on top, me on top. My legs up on his shoulders. He seemed to last and last. I was in slut heaven and stopped between every time he made me cum to suck his cock some more or have some water. I sucked his cock for a long time, but he didn’t seem like he was going to cum that way.

I admit, I was actually getting kinda tired. I know, the shame of it. Getting outfucked. Ahhh, what a good day. I realize that I’m too big to have a guy bend me in half like that. I can’t fucking breathe. He fucks hard. He thrusts deep. He gets in really close and sinks his cock in, so even when he is thrusting, he’s not withdrawing very far. Good for grinding. There was lots of grinding. mmmm, lots.

I hate being outfucked. I hate when I just can’t catch my breath. It makes me feel old and out of shape- I didn’t want to stop- jesus, I could have let him fuck me all night. But jesus- he was going and going and I couldn’t catch my breath. The control on this guy was pretty amazing cause there were a few times that I thought he was going to cum, but didn’t. I remembered he was in the military, he’s an athlete. The man has stamina and staying power.

Most of the time when guys tell you things about them in bed, they are not always true. Things like:

I’ve got a big dick.
I can last a long time.
I am good at eating pussy.

Often times they are not always true or at least as true as you’d HOPE they’d be. With Tom ALL TRUE.

God damn.

and perhaps I still wouldn’t know what he looks like in the daylight, but you know- who fucking cares??

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