Review: the silver bullet

I think it’s a Silver Bullet is a must.  I think every girl should have one.  Really.   Get one.  They are less than $20 and they simply work.


Like many other bloggers who do reviews, I also am, against watch batteries in vibes.  Buzzing is not vibrating.  You can carry it in a little bag at the bottom of your purse and take it wherever you go.  They are small enough that you can tuck it into your panties and put the wired remote in your pocket.  These days with all the devices we have on our pockets, who would notice??

At full strength (aka brand new good batteries).  The vibration is fucking intense.  Almost too much, but yo know, I’m not a quitter.  I worked it out.  Really once the batteries start to wear down a little, it’s about perfect.  They are quieter than the slim vibes, but it’s a hard plastic, so it’s not silent.

It is enough, quiet enough that if the fan in the bathroom is on, you can’t hear the vibe.  And yes, I nave managed, with the bullet, to get myself to cum while my husband is in the bathroom.  It’s precise and to the point.  No foreplay here baby.

Cum, cum hard, cum now.

Seriously, if you don’t have one.  Get one.

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