Slut life

A great fuck with varying positions

I really DO love new cock.

I met with Mr. Construction guy today and he fucked me really good.  He climbed onto the bed and kissed me.  He was a really really good kisser, and good kissing always gets me worked up.  I climbed on top of him and kissed him a little longer until I moved down his bare chest and to his already unbuttoned pants.

I kind of like putting it in my mouth before I take it in my hands.  It’s not often that it happens that way- but I like to feel it with my mouth first.  I sucked his cock for a little while and he was strangely quiet.  I looked up and he was watching, which is always kinda cool.  His hand grabbed some loose hair, kind of lightly and he just moved up and down- I know he wanted to grab it harder, but he didn’t.  I didn’t want to stop to lose momentum.

We changed position and I was laying on my back.  From the side he fucked my mouth with he rubbed my pussy.  Ok, it’s nice that he knows where my clit is- but damn- easy…. not so hard right at first.  I finally put a stop to that cause it was not working for me.

What happened next was pretty damn great.  He fucked me good and hard.  In like 5 different positions.  I like changing it up like that.  That is pretty cool.  I never got on top.  I almost ALWAYS get on top the first time.  I don’t know- I guess it’s just an aggressive move on my part.  Only a few times have I not started out on top.  This time though- he got ready and climbed on top of me.  When he turned me on my knees, he reached up and grabbed my hair and pulled me back.  He climbed up over me, pushing my face down and drilled hard into my cunt.  God, it was good.  Sooo fucking good.  I thought that it has been a long time, a really long time that I was fucked so hard for so long. Each position change was either deeper or harder or simply better than the one before.  It was too hard for me to have an orgasm, but I really enough to send me moaning and grunting like a whore.  I enjoyed the fucking.  I enjoyed the physicality.  I enjoyed the sheer force of it since all day I have been feeling anxious and wanting a little bit of pain to take it away.  He didn’t say much.  I don’t think he said anything at all really.

I always wonder, if they don’t ohh and ahh- if it still feels as good.

However I did enough oohing and aahing for the both of us and he seemed encouraged by it and fucked me even harder when I asked him to.  Who can ask for more?

I was telling Ben this morning that I’m having some anxiety problems again.  I’m even back on my meds so it’s kind of surprising.  I just get that feeling of wanting to feel something physical, be it pain or sex or back in the day I used to get on the treadmill and run.  Today I was happy to have it be sex.  My thighs are sore too, so there’s my pain.  I feel better.

Oh and the first thing he said after it was over.  ”Damn girl you give amazing head!”  (He even clapped.  hee hee)

(I just feel like I have to redeem myself.)

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