Slut life

How to have sex in the park

I am much better last minute.  When I have too many days to think about meeting someone, things happen.  Life interferes or I just find a reason to back out.  My insecurity gets the best of me.  Today I had an opportunity to just jump so I took it.  I needed a good fuck.  We had spoken a few times, and he was dominating, but not a Dom.  He seemed to be into the same things as me- and was not all that interested in making small talk about our lives.  It was the perfect combination for what I wanted today.

“I’ll be in the area in about 45 minutes- what do you say?”

What the hell- right?  We met over at a local park and stood outside for about 5 minutes.  He looked just like his picture and was friendly and funny.  Lets just get to it though right, I had to get home and he had to get to work.

So… you wanna just climb in??

We climb into the back seat and recline it.  Tacky, maybe- but you know- in a pinch, it’s nice to have a third seat the reclines all the way back.  It was hot.  Damn broken air conditioning.  We kissed a little and he reached up under my shirt and unhooked my bra while I opened his his jeans.  I took his cock into my mouth and felt him pinching hard on my nipple.  He grabbed the back of my head with the other hand and pushed me down on his cock.  I felt it hit the back of my mouth- and then he pushed… farther.


Stop. Cough.  Again.  Slowly he pushed his cock into my throat.  Blocking my airway and pressing my lips into his flesh.  I would pull away, cough.  and again.  After a few times my throat relaxed more.  Opened easier.  Not as much coughing.  I was soaked.  I was so excited by it, and the coughing and gagging and my eyes watering was just getting me more hot to swallow his cock.  Once I didn’t cough, he moved faster.  He grabbed two hands full of my hair, and pulled me up and then down hard, “Suck that fucking cock!”

He pushed his cock into my throat, fucking my mouth, my face- again and again.  Harder.  His cock going in and out making the throat fucking noises while I whimpered.  It was dirty and vulgar.  His was pulling my hair tight, fucking my throat.  I thought of Joanna Angel and how she gets her throat fucked like this.  It was dirty and kind of painful, and completely exhilirating.  He pulled my head up- my lips swollen and my throat starting to get sore. “Do you like sucking that cock?” he hissed at me.

“Yes,” I whispered, weakily, my mouth open- hungry for more, “please.”

He pushed me back down once more.  My throat open and hungry.  He held his cock in my mouth again.  Longer than the time before.  Thrusting now.  even deeper.  Fuck.  I couldn’t breathe and I could feel my cunt getting wetter but I was starting to panic a little.  I pulled back on him, but he held me down- his cock throbbing until I pulled back harder and he let go.  I coughed, sputtering.  Breathless and desperate.

Take off your pants, he ordered me.  I pulled them down and he turned me on to my stomach and pulled my ass up.  I looked out the back window.  There was a car parked behind us, and someone in the car.  The windows were tinted, but not blacked out.  I looked to the side window and there was another car parked a few spaced away.  Another person, watching.  Clearly watching.  I was about to speak to this when a sharp hand came down hard on my ass.  He pulled my ass and pussy open, rubbing and spanking me repeatedly. Commenting how wet I was from sucking his cock.  His open hand was sharp and hard.  He spanked my ass, my thighs, my pussy.  Each strike harder than the one before.  I could feel the red marks welting into my skin.  He pulled my head back again by my hair and two fingers inside my soaked pussy.  ”Do you want my cock, you slut?”

“Fuck please!” I begged him. He climbed over me and shoved his cock into me.  He pulled me back on him, hard.  His fingers laced into my hair and he yanked my head back.  I was looking right out the back window, and into the eyes of the man in the car behind me.  He was watching.  Watching the car move to and fro.  Watching this man thrusting into me, watching my face, watching me get fucked.

“You’re just a fuck slut aren’t you?” he grunted at me, ignoring the watching eyes, “Say it.  Say Fuck Me, little slut!”  Thrusting hard, my red spanked ass and thighs being pounded by his body.  His cock piercing me and demanding my submission.  I embraced it and fucked him back.  ”Fuck me- harder.  Fuck, harder please, sir.”  The driver and passenger side windows were open, I wondered who could hear me.

He turned my head to the side, “He’s watching too, bitch.  Watching me take you like a whore.  You like that don’t you?”

I could feel my body taking over and I knew I was going to cum hard.  It was overwhelming and exciting and so dirty.  I felt released and empowered, “Yes.  yes yes, fuck me, harder. yesssssss.”

“Fuck,” he whispered to me, twisting my hair into his fists and ignoring my wincing from it, “Cum with me bitch.”  He angled downwards and thrusting at my gspot and my body exploded as he fucked me relentlessly.  My pussy tightened around him as he pumped his cum and finally released me from his grip.  I collapsed forward as he withdrew.  We lay silently for a moment.  I was wet from my own sweat and breathless.  My legs were shaking, my ass was still hot, my scalp was aching, and my throat was sore.

Beaten.  Fucked.  Displayed.

Perfectly satisfied.

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