Slut life

Is it possible to get fucked too much?

My body still aches from being fucked so hard yesterday.  I keep moving and stretching my aching muscles, just to feel that pain and remember how it happened.  I would love a nice massage right now though.  Strong hands manipulating my muscles.  Of course my fantasies of a massage are better than the real thing for me, since I am insanely ticklish and really I can’t get a massage without it making me crazy.  Tonight I may actually use the Hitachi for my back!!

The aching in my body also adds to the aching in my pussy.  Although tonight I am not sure that I could be fucked hard again.  I think if I move wrong, my back will spasm, so I should probably take it easy.  I have some new leather restraints to try out.  I wish Ben were here.  I’d love to strap him to my bed, sit on his face and ride his tongue until I cum all over him.

On to Friday night Porn.  Tonights theme is Threesomes.

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