Slut life

Secretly satisfied

My heart is still pounding from it.  I was sitting here on the couch, reading Spanked when the familiar ache settled between my legs.  It was more than just my body responding to thoughts of cooking and masturbating.  It was the burning demand that I needed to release.

The kids were watching TV, the husband was outside having a smoke.  I knew I could not take a lot of time.  I snuck into my bedroom and grabbed my Hitachi.  I leaned up against the wall, looking out vanity room door, watching my open doorway.  I had to hurry for anyone could come down the hallway at any moment.  Hurry, yes.  This won’t take but a minute.


If that.

The vibrations were strong and pulsed through my shorts, my panties- my swollen labia.  I whispered his name, saw his face in my head.  He was inside me- his fingers pushing at my g-spot.  His thumb rolling my clit.  Seannnn….

I said it, again and again.  Oh fuck.  Standing up increases the urgency, makes it hotter- more dirty.  More urgent.  Hurry… Now, now now…  My hips thrust and fucked the wand as my knees gave in and leaned in to the wall.  Cumming- oh God Sean now.  Now…


My head spun gently and my pussy throbbed.  I turned it off an wrapped it up- moving my way back to the living room.  His cigarette still burning, the TV still going.  Everyone is silent.

I’m secretly satisfied.

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