Slut life

How to talk to your woman

Mr Park has plans for me. He has plans for us. He wants to fuck me with another man. He wants another man to watch us fucking. He wants to watch me fucking another man. He has said that he will screen- and run them by me and I can decide if I am attracted to him, or comfortable. He said I will not have to speak up about it, but I can let him know with a glance and he will take it from there.

I take care of my slut. And I will assure you will always be safe. We will be talking about it as we are fucking you. In fact while he would be fucking you from behind I would be shoving my cock in your mouth standing in front of you and spreading and spanking your ass. Every thrust from him would shove my cock deeper in your mouth. You will take as much cock as we can give you and like it. I want a cock in your pussy at all times. You are my little fuck slut and what I want you to do, is get fucked constantly. I want to know when you meet other men and get fucked by them. You can get fucked by as many as you want, as long as you tell me about it in detail.

Wonderful. Thank you, sir.

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