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How to find a woman that pisses on you

Ok this is new. The Consultant writes:

I want you to pee on me…like after drinking a ton of water so it’s diluted and not yellow and stinky. But I want you to straddle my face while I am licking you and have you pee in my mouth…would you ever do that for me?

Ummmm…. ok?? See of all the things I am really not into- it’s fluids. I’m just weird about it. I am not even a big fan of having cum on my face. So I admit I’m a bit thrown by this request. It’s his kink, and I am open minded. I claim that I’ll try anything twice… but…. oh my god. I guess I was hoping I’d never be asked.

Should I be freaked out? He’s cute. He’s kinky. He’s a little freaky.
These are all prerequisites in my book….

But this is… different.
So tell me. Is this your kink? What are you thoughts??


Do I want this action??

AND, does that mean he will want to pee on ME???

4 thoughts on “How to find a woman that pisses on you

  1. Very interesting! To be completely honest, no idea what specifically it may be about the act/concept/genre, but admit can definitely be a thrilling thought for some reason. Believe may possibly relate much more around characteristics such as the Sexy Seductress, her most private parts, sharing something extremely personal/private/taboo, etc.

    “Should I be freaked out?” Not at all, it’s an act where they submit to you – it is you with all the control. “Is this your kink?” Would never had said yes, except cannot deny how hawt imagining the entire scenario may possibly be.


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