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It doesn’t have to be pretty to go in your butt

Ok, ok- so I was for lack of a good title.

So this toy is the perfect example of NOT judging a book by it’s cover. Or should I say, Don’t judge a butt toy by the fact that it just LOOKS like an enema bottle.

When I got the Twist, I though- eh… you can’t always get the super good stuff. I have sort of put off using it because I wasn’t thrilled by the way it looked. It is not very pretty almost seems kind of evasive. I mean, look at it….


It’s not exactly pretty.

So I brought it up to my newest ‘friend’ who is open to a little ass play. After a few minutes of giving him head- I let him stroke his cock while I put the three AAA batteries in the toy and turned it on. His eyes got a little wide at the volume level, so I decided to turn it back off. A little lube on his sweet young ass and I rubbed my fingers over his tight hole until he was getting squirmy.

I expected the long skinny shaft to be flimsy, but surprisingly, it wasn’t. The skinny but somewhat firm tip entered him pretty easily. He gave a soft ‘ooh’ as I put it in a few inches, entering him, and then turning it on low. It was loud- and vibrated- A LOT. He called out, “Holy hell!” I assured him that it was just barely in, but I was going to go further. He was laying on his back, his knees bent and legs open. I jerked his cock a little more, and pushed it further. He groaned and took it, not really knowing how deep it was going, but his pleasure was increasing for sure. With each push deeper, I increased the speed. Even on low, it seemed like a lot.

A little more

and then even more.

At the base, it widens some, and then cinches so it will hold in place. Instead of pushing it this far, I pulled back a little bit, drawing in out. Watching him intently- his eyes, I swear almost rolled back into his head. As I withdrew almost to the end, he whimpered at me…. yes, whimpered. “please, don’t” he whispered. His breath quick. I slid it back and forth, not getting so close to withdrawing it completely. Full speed, until he was squirming and his cock was dripping lots of sticky precum for me.

I pushed it in now. all the way until he held in place. I let it go- seeing if it stayed. He grunted a bit, perhaps feeling the weight shift a bit. He was in heaven though… I could see it. His sticky wet cock, pushing up towards me. I wrapped both hands around it and lowered my mouth around him.

“Oh fuck!” he called out. His legs were tense and shaking. He wrapped his legs around my back- to have something to hold on to. I jerked him, and sucked him off- feeling the twist vibrating up his shaft, The pulsing in his cock was undeniable.

He unloaded into my mouth with a hard shudder. I remembered to turn the vibrations down as soon as he started shooting into my mouth and slowly withdrew it as he started to sort of jerk the last of his cum into my hungry mouth.

“So was that good?” I asked him. He pulled me on top of him, still a bit shaky. He kissed the tip of my nose, smiling and then laughing.

That’s a yes.

The Twist. Find it at Vibe Review. Click HERE to get the 10% discount, do a search for TWIST.

in the UK HERE

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