Slut life

I want to surrender my body to him

Mr. Park is very dominant. He wants to retain a certain amount of ownership over me. Not a Dom, as he is willing and encouraging of me to fuck other men- but definitely wants to be at the front of the pack. He is pretty well intertwined in the swinging community and knows people that he wants to share me with.

He is lining up men for me to fuck. Strange. People who will host our play in exchange for being able to watch, or perhaps join.

Though all of our conversation he assures me that I will be safe, that he will be with me. He often talks about me having sex with other people. Threesomes, gangbangs, orgies. Men. Women. Always assuring my safety, answering any questions that I have and promising me that I will never be left alone with strangers. He will take care of me in these scenarios, I am his property and everyone will play nicely with his toy. That I can stop any or all of it at any time. I prefer to know very little about him. I want no emotional ties here. None. I have no emotion about him. I don’t want to know about other women. I don’t want to know about his other ties. I haven’t asked, he hasn’t offered.

He has offered to accompany me while meeting new men if I am unsure. He encourages me to have as much cock as I want, but he just wants to know about it. Of course, I have no problems with that- obviously. I just find it strange to be so trusting and so submissive to someone for whom I have no emotional ties, yet I find myself eager to offer up my body this way.

I will see him today and he will fuck my throat again. It makes me lose my breath to think about it. I am not sucking his cock, he is fucking my mouth and there is no doubt about that. He has told me that if he does not cum in my throat he will be forced to use my ass to finish. Perhaps I will not use my best game today- because being fucked in my ass sounds wonderful.

My real life is starting to spin. I want to surrender my body- don’t think, don’t feel just go…

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