Slut life

You better not come, baby

My young man called me this morning and asked me to talk dirty to him. He’s so sweet, he almost didn’t know how to say it.

“I am home alone and I have this hard on, and I was wondering if maybe we could, you know… talk.”

He’s adorable really.

It being our first time with this, and perhaps HIS first time- I let him talk to me about what he liked about our last time together. My office door was closed and drowned out the sounds of the voices in the hall.

As he spoke I could hear his voice getting shaky and I knew he wanted me to take over. He wasn’t far from cumming, I could tell. I instructed him to slow down, stroke it slow and tight.

“Stroke it like the way I suck your cock baby. Slow and tight.”

He groaned out loud- and cursed at me, “Fuck- I can’t. It’s so good- I need to do it fast.”

“Not yet.” I told him, “No cumming until I say.”

“What?” he said gasping for breath, “No… please, don’t.”

He’s afraid of this. Afraid of being denied. Afraid that the moment I say don’t- it will trigger something and he will cum without even thinking about. He had admitted to me that when he’s demanded to cum, he can’t- and when he’s denied, he can’t stop it.

“Fuck- bitch.”

“You better not cum baby… You better wait, hold it back, don’t do it.” I said the words, but my tone… the purring in my voice, the pleading- the toying with his head. He knew I was really saying the opposite. He knew that I knew these were the exact words that would get him to cum hard.

“I can’t hold it… oh God I can’t.” his voice was desperate, shaking and I could hear his body moving with his jerking, “Please, stop.”

“Ohhh baby- nooooo…. you need to wait.” I was dangling him by a thread and I could hear it in his voice. My words were perfectly contradictory to my tone and it was making him crazed, “Not yet baby… oh fuck, oh god- not yet.”

He groaned loud, announcing his orgasm. Defiant to my wicked requests, apologizing and lost in a delicious moment. “Oh god yes- I’m sorry, I’m cumming. Oh fuck… yes!”

I moaned and encouraged him along, letting him finish and imagining his tan stomach covered in cum and sweat. I waited until he finally spoke.

“Oh my god I came so much,” he broke into a little bit of laughter, “That was so good.”

“You’re very welcome sweetheart. I have to get back to work now.”

He sighed, “Ok. When can I see you again?”

I giggled, “Soon love. Real soon.”

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