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For as much as I love a hot sex blog, it’s nice to sometimes have book in my hot little hands to read, in bed, or at the doctors office or by the pool or at the pharmacy. The first thing I did was buy a book cover- for the last few options.


Sexy, yes- but not exactly what I want sitting on my coffee table with a teenage boy at home. Some things he just doesn’t need to know about mom.

I’m still new to this kinky brand of play. Not that I’ve never received a good whack or two, but just recently have I learned to experience the pleasure of a good spanking. More than a few whacks- but enough to leave my ass red hot! When Rachel Kramel Bussel announced that she needed people to review this book, I emailed her immediately to get on the virtual book tour. Below is excerpt of me reading a piece of one of my favorite stories in this book, “Riding the Storm” by Thomas Christopher.

Riding the Storm

Yeah, hot huh?? This book is 20 short stories about spanking and touches on all sorts of sexy topics. The stories are short enough to read while waiting for your script at the pharmacy, but just long enough to get you started and finished if you like to read and play in bed.

Another bonus, it’s a paperback and perfectly sized so you can hold it with just one hand, because… well, you know.

Follow the rest of the Book Tour.

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