New? About me

Looking for a man who will respect me like a woman, spoil me like a queen, and fuck me like a slut. I love to share my dirty stories. Some are fantasy, some are true… some are a little of both- you decide. +18 only, and by +18- I mean… at least 21.

You can email me at but if you would like a response, try to remember the first sentence above. Emails like, “Hey- wanna fuck?” will not get a response.


I’m really not very mysterious or anything. I’m a pretty cool chick who likes to use the word “cunt” which makes me cooler than most chicks right from the start. Flattery will get you everywhere with me, that and brains. I’m a total sucker for smart guys who have most of their mommy issues resolved and have a job and can fix things. If you can make me laugh, that is a good start. I would not say that I was bi, although there are some women that I would totally fuck, given the opportunity to do so.

I believe in being sex-positive and hate-negative, so go take your negative crap elsewhere cause this isn’t the place for it, clearly. I think chicks with real tits are sexy. I like being talked nasty to when I’m fucking. I curse incessantly when I’m being fucked well and while I love dildo’s and vibrators I will never choose one over the real thing. I write about sex as a whole body and mind experience. Colors and electricity and light and nature. It’s all there in that amazing space where we can all be free. I believe it’s where we can step outside of ourselves, and experience physical joy.

I’m a sub, by nature- but if you are begging for it, I can probably give you what you need. I don’t have any tattoos and I removed my clitoral hood piercing because my hood is very short and it just didn’t look the way I wanted it too. If there is anything else you want to know, stay along for the ride and most will be revealed.

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