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It doesn’t have to be pretty to go in your butt

Ok, ok- so I was for lack of a good title. So this toy is the perfect example of NOT judging a book by it’s cover. Or should I say, Don’t judge a butt toy by the fact that it just LOOKS like an enema bottle. When I got the Twist, I though- eh… you… Continue reading It doesn’t have to be pretty to go in your butt

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What I think while masturbating

standing. my head turned, looking out the vanity door towards the bedroom door watching…. don’t get caught hurry.  cum now. vibrations so hard.  right there… there. fuck. yes now… oh god yes…….   breathe breathe again. do it for me baby, I hear him. do I have time to call, leave him a message? no-… Continue reading What I think while masturbating


Massaging the G and the A spot at the same time

I’m tired.  My eyes are heavy.. but what is keeping me awake is thinking of the plans I had for tonight.  I have a new toy that I want to try.  Ever since I got it, I’ve been thinking about finding time to use it, today I decided that it was time.  Then, after watching the video on… Continue reading Massaging the G and the A spot at the same time

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Recommendable BDSM sites

BDSM & Fetish Amber’s Wedding Day Confession (Part Three/Continued) Catalina loves FetLife Chained Famed Dom Sgt. Major Brings His Slutty Friends To Backdoor Bondage Fine Art 101 The locks are broken Prelude in E (for Embarrassment) r’s naughty thoughts on a scene with his Mistress and Ms. Nikki Nefarious Strap On Play Is Not Just… Continue reading Recommendable BDSM sites

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Review: the doggy style strap

Oh I have a new package coming from Vibe Review. What’s in store for me?? Oh I love love love. I’ve always wanted one of those pretty vibrators. And really, while the Rabbit is sometimes the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, I still can’t leave it on my nightstand. The Doggie Style Strap, I… Continue reading Review: the doggy style strap