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Why do women want sex so much?

Why do I feel so insanely inept today? My thoughts are just jumbled and after two sentences everything I type starts to sound canned and ridiculous. I compare myself with others too often. I read the writings of others and wonder why I can’t be more articulate. Why do my words seem shallow? Artificial. Garbage.… Continue reading Why do women want sex so much?

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VibraThongs – where beds go astray

Now I told you I don’t wear thongs, right?  However, when I got this one- I thought- well, maybe this might be worth it. It seems to have a little something for everyone right?  Vibe for me, stroker beads for him.  So I decided to try it out with the Young Man. The reviews on… Continue reading VibraThongs – where beds go astray

Slut life

What I think while masturbating

standing. my head turned, looking out the vanity door towards the bedroom door watching…. don’t get caught hurry.  cum now. vibrations so hard.  right there… there. fuck. yes now… oh god yes…….   breathe breathe again. do it for me baby, I hear him. do I have time to call, leave him a message? no-… Continue reading What I think while masturbating