Slut life

Why I love HNT panties

I was never a big fan of thong panties. No matter how I tried, I just never was able to wear them without being insanely uncomfortable. I usually sport cotton bikini’s in random colors and I do have some lacey boyshorts that I love. I recently came in ‘contact’ with some boys boxers from H&M. Wow, those are the softest underwear I’ve ever seen and I may need to buy some, just cause I think they will feel really nice, even if they are the boys-kind. Anyone want to send me some? I assume I’m a large. 
However, occasionally I will accidentally grab a pair of briefs- that are less sexy, and more ‘mom like.’ I’ll admit it, they’re comfy. Yeah, I said it.

And you know, I think I do ok with them… don’t you think?

hiddendirtysex-ass-1 hiddendirtysex-ass2


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